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College Transition Workshops

Transitioning from high school is a big step and can be particularly challenging for neurodivergent students, who may struggle with self advocacy, communicating effectively, or managing independent living and managing their time. We offer virtual College Transition Groups for students to boost their skills in a supporting group of peers. 

These groups are offered to high school seniors who are college bound and who:


  • wants to learn how to self-advocate

  • wants to be independent

  • wants to successfully adapt to college

  • is unsure about how to effectively communicate with others

  • is aware of their difficulties 

  • is excited but nervous about college

  • wants to connect with others in college

The groups focus on building confidence and self-advocacy skills. Students will:

  • learn how to speak about their learning difficulties and accommodation needs

  • learn how the learning environment and academic supports differ in college and high school

  • identify what accommodations and supports they will benefit from in college

  • learn strategies for how to self advocate with both disability office, professors and peers

  • discuss management of independent daily living, such as doing laundry, managing a schedule, waking up on time

  • get some concrete ideas for how and where to make friends in college

  • get tips on dorm living and getting along with a roommate

  • role play and enjoy interactive activities to practice strategies

  • and more

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