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College graduation

How do I make friends in college?

"I worry that my teen won't make any friends...."

A Path to College Success

Going to college is the dream of many and higher education should be no less attainable for neurodivergent students, or for those with a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or a related disorder.


The college process, however, is getting more and more complex can seem especially overwhelming when adding learning differences to the mix. 

We offer guidance and coaching from the very start, through the application process, until you are on your way as a college freshman. We work closely with students and parents to identify strengths, priorities and preferences, and will help guide the process forward. 

Our goal is for our students to go to a college where they feel accepted, where they can be successful, and to succeed both academically and socially once there. 

This involves:​

  1. Identifying the right school and submit a successful application

  2. Build college readiness skills, like self-advocacy, self-awareness, and communication skills that will help make positive connections with peers, speak with professors, and get the appropriate accommodations

  3. Strengthen executive function skills, to avoid overwhelm with course loads, a new environment, and to start building an independent life

College Consulting Packages

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How do we work?

1.  Introductory Call

2.  Foundational Meetings

3.  College Consulting

During our introductory call, you will learn more about how we work and we get to know your family and your needs. We take a personalized approach and together we will determine the next step and what services serve you and your family the best. 

During these foundational meetings, we review your student's learning history,  current accommodations, needs and wants, and assess college readiness skills. Based on the discussions, we recommend next steps. These can include college consulting, college readiness coaching, or alternative paths.

The next step is college consulting. Based on our foundational meetings, we recommend next steps. The college application process can be complex, but we will help keep you on track. We offer individualized services through packages or hourly consulting.

4.  College Readiness Coaching

Depending on needs we have discussed, we design an individualized curriculum for each student, focusing on skills such as self-advocacy, self-awareness, social communication, and executive function focusing on college readiness. 

5.  Review Offers & Enroll

When acceptances have arrived, we can help you review the offers, helping you decide based on scholarships, program options, accommodations and other factors that are uniquely important to you. 

6.  College Freshman Year

This is a big, exciting and scary step for all students, but for students who may have struggled socially or with independence and time management in high school, it can be extra daunting.  We can continue our support through Freshman fall in college, to help our students implement their college readiness skills.

Foundational Package

The Foundational Package is part of all of our college packages, as an essential part of us getting to know the student. During a total of two sessions, we will learn about your family and your student, provide general guidance and recommend suggested next steps. is package is provides a customized college list, based on the student's strengths, preferences and needs.  During these sessions, we will:

  • review of learning history and high school learning supports

  • assess college readiness

  • interview family and student

  • provide an overview of the college planning and application process

  • explain learning support options at the college level

  • make recommendations for next steps

This package is intended for all high school grades and provides the foundation for what the recommended next steps are. 

College List Package

This package is provides a customized college list, based on the student's strengths, preferences and needs.  This package provides a total of five sessions of consultation and includes the Foundational Package PLUS:

  • presentation of a customized list of colleges carefully researched based on:

    • student profile

    • learning and academic history

    • support needs

    • strengths, preferences and needs

  • thorough information of each college, including admissions criteria, campus and academic profile​

  • recommendations for how to research colleges, including visits and demonstrated interest

This package is appropriate for students in 10-11 grade.

College Success Package

This comprehensive, full service package is for families that want experienced guidance from start to finish. This package includes a total of 20-25 sessions of consultation, and includes the Foundational Package, the College List Package PLUS:

  • recommendation for high school courses and extracurriculars

  • project management of applications and suggested timeline

  • essay brainstorming, guidance and review

  • supplemental essays brainstorming, guidance and review

  • guidance for creating a resume

  • interview preparation as appropriate

  • guidance when comparing acceptance offers

  • guidance if waitlisted or deferred

  • guidance for navigation of accommodations and contact with college disability services

  • coaching during freshman fall in college 

  • personalized support to answer any questions that arise

This package can start as early as sophomore spring in high school until spring junior year.

Senior Express Package


This package is for high school seniors who need help finalizing their college list and guidance for completing the applications. This package includes a total of  is for families that want experienced guidance from start to finish. This package includes a total of six sessions of consultation, and includes the Foundational Package, the College List Package PLUS:​​

  • review of existing college list

  • overview of the application process

  • recommendations for application strategies and suggested timeline

  • guidance for navigation of accommodations and contact with college disability services

This package expedited and is intended for students entering senior year of high school. 

Hourly College Consulting


This is a good choice for families who need limited assistance, have specific questions or concerns with regards to college applications. This can include review of college essays or of an existing college list, guidance regarding college accommodations or anything else that you would like assistance with.


 Let us know what you need and we can get started!

College Readiness Coaching

Self-Advocacy, Self-Awareness, Communication Skills, Executive Function

College acceptance is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to be successful in college, forming positive relationships and self advocacy is crucial, as are executive function skills that will keep you on track with school work and daily living tasks. These skills are a critical part of the student's college experience and success. We start with an extensive, exploratory intake to determine what the student's unique needs and strengths are. Based on that, we together map out a plan for what to work on and a recommendation for the number of sessions.  College Readiness Coaching is offered in packages of 3, 10, or 15 sessions. Based on the student's needs we will create a plan to address, any or all of the below:

Communication skills:

  • how to speak effectively with college professors

  • how to communicate your needs clearly to the disability office

  • how to find a roommate (if that is the right choice for you)

  • how to get along with a roommate 

  • manage expectations for dorm living (if applicable)

  • how and where to make friends in college​

  • ​how to make deeper friendships​

  • and more



  • becoming aware of current learning supports

  • becoming aware of learning style

  • becoming aware of situations that support vs hinder learning or social interaction


  • how to get the accommodations you need​

  • how to speak with professors about your accommodations and needs

  • speaking to roommates and classmates about your needs and help them understand you and how your mind works​

Executive Function:

Studying and potentially living on campus is a large leap from high school and living at home. Self motivation, setting priorities, managing course loads, while having time for social interaction can be challenging. Add to that, that you may now need to take care of your own laundry and figure out when and where to eat.​ Executive Function coaching can address, among other things:

  • how to organize your time

  • how to find motivation and get started on projects

  • how to keep track of assignments

  • how to prioritize assignments and coursework

  • how to manage independent living, including laundry and waking up on time

To get the most out of the coaching, it is recommended that it is provided before starting college, during senior year, or earlier, and continuing into freshman fall as needed.

These session are tailored to each student's unique needs and are offered in packages of 5, 10, 15 or 20.

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