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Free Phone Consultation


If you have concerns about your child’s or teen’s speech, language, or social communication development, we can offer an initial screening followed by a comprehensive evaluation, if warranted.


The first step is to contact us for a free phone consultation, during which we will discuss whether a screening or a comprehensive evaluation is the appropriate first step.

A screening is a short, informal, 30-minute assessment of your child’s or teen’s speech (pronunciation of speech sounds), language (following directions, vocabulary, processing information, etc.), and social skills. During this time, we get an initial impression of your child’s or teen’s abilities and can make recommendations for a full evaluation if we believe that this is warranted.  If an evaluation is recommended, you will receive paperwork in advance to fill out about your child’s or teen’s history and your concerns. This will provide the therapist valuable information to guide the evaluation.


The next step is the evaluation itself. It is done in our clinic and will start with an informal chat and activity in order for your child or teen to become comfortable with the therapist. After that, the formal speech therapy evaluation begins. We will have chosen a formal standardized assessment tool ahead of time based on the presenting diagnosis and concerns. Throughout the evaluation, the therapist also informally evaluates your child or teen using observation, play and social interaction. If needed, the therapist also uses a parent interview to obtain further information as needed


After the formal evaluation is finished, we will briefly discuss the preliminary results of the evaluation. A full written report documenting strengths and weaknesses will then be completed and shared with you. We will go over the report in detail with you so that you fully understand the results. We will be able to tell you whether there are any delays or concerns and whether therapy is recommended.

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