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10 Practical Life Skills to Master this Summer!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Preparing for Freshman Fall in College

As the countdown has started, the lists of what to bring are taking form (pillows, towels, a lamp, your favorite teddy bear…), the nervous excitement is setting in as students start to wonder how they will make friends and how they will manage the academics. For most students this is the first time they are living away from their families, and as we all know, there are some indispensable life skills that are required to manage daily life.

To shorten the learning curve, make sure to work on these skills this summer!

1. Laundry Mastery: The Art of Clean Clothes

Doing laundry may sound simple, but it's an essential skill that you may need to practice. Learn to sort your laundry, read clothing labels for care instructions, use different wash cycles and detergents, and master the art of folding clothes neatly. Trust us; this skill will come in handy when your laundry basket is overflowing in college.

2. Budgeting Basics: Dollars and Sense

Take time this summer to create a budget, track your expenses, and learn how to prioritize your spending. Understand the importance of saving money, compare prices, and explore ways to cut costs, so that you have money for what you need and want in college.

3. Grocery Shopping or Dining Hall Navigation: Daily Fuel

Lear to navigate the aisles of a grocery store and making smart food choices, how to plan healthy meals and create a grocery list. Learn simple recipes and familiarize basic cooking techniques. If you are going to be on a meal plan, you may not need to focus on grocery shopping, but making smart food choices, eating healthy meals throughout the day is still important.

4. Punctuality and Independence: It's Time to be On Time

Make sure you can get up independently in the morning, by setting an alarm early enough to give you the time you need to get to class on time. Practice estimating how long it takes you to get ready for activities or appointments and how long it takes to get there, so that you know when you have to leave.

5. Time Management: Seize the Day

Summer offers the perfect chance to hone your time management skills. If you don't already, start using a calendar or planner to create a daily schedule, set goals, and prioritize tasks. This will set you up for success when you have to manage a full schedule of classes and activities in college.

6. Room Organization: Tidy Space = Happy Roommates

Living in a shared space with roommates is an integral part of the college experience. One way to foster a positive living environment is by keeping your room tidy and organized. Use this summer to practice good room organization habits. Develop a system for arranging your belongings, create designated spaces for different items, and establish a cleaning routine. Keeping a tidy room not only promotes a calm and productive atmosphere but also shows respect for your roommates' space.

7. Digital Organization: Taming the Digital Jungle

In today's digital age, being organized online is just as important as being organized in the physical world. Use this summer to declutter your digital space. Organize files, learn cloud storage systems, and explore productivity apps that will help you stay on top of assignments, deadlines, and important documents in college.

8. Mastering Transportation Skills: Navigating the Path to Independence

Familiarize yourself with how to take public transportation and how to read a schedule, so that you can get around. Also figure out how to use ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, enabling convenient travel when needed. Don't forget to download a navigation app on your phone, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, to confidently find your way around and explore new places.

9. Empowering Health and Safety: Managing Wellness and First Aid

Knowing how to manage your health, take prescriptions as prescribed, and having basic first aid knowledge, is crucial to stay healthy in college. Also, learn some basic first aid skills so that you can handle minor accidents, to help you feel safe and confident.

10. Prioritizing Holistic Wellness: Nurturing Body and Mind

This summer, take the time to identify activities that make you feel good and prioritize them. Get to know your body and mind, so that you know how much sleep you need, what food makes you feel energized, what exercise or activity helps you feel your best, and how to tune in to your mental health.

Enjoy you summer and your journey to College Success!!


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