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for students with autism, ADHD or other learning differences

College Consulting with a Difference

College Success for All provides a personal, supportive experience for families and students preparing for college. We understand that college presents unique challenges for students with learning differences, and our mission is to help your teen not only get accepted into a school, but to succeed once there! Working hand-in-hand with our families, we develop a plan to set the student up for success.

The college process can feel overwhelming and stressful, but we are here to guide you through it!


Our Services

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College Readiness Coaching

Our practice focuses on college readiness skills, to ensure that our students not only are accepted to a school, but that they can be successful and thrive once there. Skills we work on include, self-awareness, self-advocacy, social communication, time management, and more.


College Consulting

We offer guidance and coaching from the very start, through the application process, until you are on your way as a college freshman and beyond. We work closely with you to identify needs, strengths and wishes, and will help guide the process forward. 


Continued Support

After receiving acceptances to colleges and deciding on where to go, the excitement sets in - and so do the nerves! We are here to guide our students throughout the summer before college and during the freshman fall to support a successful transition. 

Our Process

We follow a process from first contact to the first semester of freshman year in college, guiding you every step of the way. We offer individualized services, tailored to each student's needs and wants, all to ensure long-term success.

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 What people are saying 

After every meeting with Marie, I felt like we grew closer! She made the college application process enjoyable and fun because I felt like we could talk about anything and connect it back to college. She helped me figure out my strengths and how to portray those qualities in my application. I was more confident about applying to college with these coaching sessions. - Amy

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