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College Counseling and College coaching services



We will help you find the right school and prepare you for succeeding in college
Marie Guarnieri

College Consulting with a Difference

What makes us different?

Founded by Marie Guarnieri, an experienced independent educational consultant and a speech language pathologist with a passion for enhancing students' "soft skills", we focus on making sure that our students are accepted into a school of their choice and on making sure that they succeed once there. 

College Students


We follow a process from first contact to the first semester of Freshman year in college, guiding you every step of the way. We tailor and tweak our services as we go based on needs and wants, all to ensure long-term success.

Introductory Call

During our introductory call, you will learn more about how we work and we get to know your family and your needs. We take a personalized approach and together we will determine the next step and what services serve you and your family the best. 

College Counseling Process

Time for the college counseling process. Depending on grade and needs, we may start with recommending high school classes or extracurriculars, or jump right into identifying a list of schools that are tailored to your unique needs and wants. The application process can be complex, but we will help keep you on track.

Review Offers & Decide

When acceptances have arrived, we will help you review the offers, helping you decide based on scholarships, program options, accommodations and other factors that are uniquely important to you. 

Freshman Year

This is a big, exciting and scary step for all students, but for students who may have struggled socially or with independence and time management in high school, it can be extra daunting.  We will continue our support for as long as you feel that it is beneficial, making sure that you can be successful. 

College Success Coaching for Soft Skills

Self-Advocacy, Self- determination, Executive Function and Communication Skills 

Throughout the process, we offer coaching to build the skills that will allow your teen to succeed in college. Neurodivergent college graduates often speak of the importance of strong self-advocacy, time management and communication skills. These skills can be practiced while still in high school to build confidence before starting college. Together we will make a plan for what your teen's unique needs are.

Our Services

college counseling

College Consulting

We offer guidance and coaching from the very start, through the application process, until you are on your way as a college freshman and beyond. We work closely with you to identify needs, strengths and wishes, and will help guide the process forward. 

Communication Skills

We can help build social communication confidence and skills based on your unique needs and wishes. Perhaps you want to prepare for how to make friends in college, how to communicate with professors, or focus on other areas that you struggle with.

Executive Function Skills

We will help you prepare for the less structured and more independent life in college. Perhaps you struggle with time management, prioritization, or with getting started with projects. We will help you get on track for college.

College Transition Groups

We offer college transition group intensives in the summer to get you jump started on skills that will help you succeed in college. 

Self Advocacy

We will help you build confidence to communicate your needs, talk to teachers and professors about accommodations, and to peers about what you need in order to feel valued and part of a group. 


Speech/Articulation Therapy

We offer articulation therapy for students who worry about how they sound or about being understood because of speech sound or articulation errors. 

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