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Summer Prep: 10 Tips for Freshmen Getting Ready for College

Updated: Jun 7

The summer before starting college is an exciting time filled with anticipation and possibility. However, it's also a crucial period for getting ready and setting yourself up for a successful transition. By taking proactive steps during these months, you can hit the ground running and make the most of your freshman year experience.

Here are ten practical tips to help you prepare:

1. Research clubs and organizations

Explore the various student clubs, organizations, and activities offered at your college. Identify groups that align with your interests, hobbies, or intended major. Joining these communities can help you make friends with similar passions and enrich your college experience.

2. Register with the disability services office

If you have a documented disability or learning difference, reach out to your college's disability services office as soon as possible - if you haven't already. Provide them with the necessary documentation and discuss the accommodations you may need. This proactive step ensures that your accommodations are in place from the start of the semester.

3. Check your college email regularly

Once enrolled, your college email account will become the primary means of communication for important information, deadlines, and updates. Get into the habit of checking this email account every day (!), to ensure you don't miss any crucial messages. This is where you will find out about the most important information, like deadlines, schedules, and requirements. Make it a habit and stick to it!

4. Familiarize yourself with campus resources

Take some time to explore the various resources and support services available on campus, such as tutoring centers, writing labs, counseling services, and career development offices. For example, the tutoring center can provide academic support, while the career development office can assist with internships and job search strategies. Knowing where to find these resources can be invaluable throughout your college journey.

5. Practice time management skills

Create a block schedule for your summer, allocating dedicated time for activities like exercise, reading, hobbies, and college prep. Use a calendar to track important dates, deadlines, and appointments. Stay organized and practice managing your time effectively to cultivate vital skills for balancing coursework, extracurriculars, and self-care once on campus.

6. Follow your college on social media

Many colleges and universities have active social media accounts that share important updates, events, and campus life. Follow these accounts to stay informed about what's happening on campus and get a sense of the community you'll be joining.

7. Explore housing and meal plan options

If you'll be living on campus, research the different housing and meal plan options available, and make sure to stay on top of emails regarding housing so you don't miss a deadline. Consider factors like proximity to classes, amenities, and dining preferences to find the best fit for your needs.

8. Prepare for financial responsibilities

Understand your financial aid package, create a budget, and explore potential part-time job opportunities on or near campus. Being financially prepared can alleviate stress and help you focus on your studies.

9. Connect with future classmates

Many colleges have online forums or social media groups for incoming freshmen. Participate in these communities to connect with future classmates, ask questions, and start building your network before arriving on campus.

10. Set goals for your freshman year

Reflect on what you hope to achieve academically, socially, and personally during your first year of college. Setting clear goals can provide direction and motivation as you navigate this new chapter of your life.

Bonus Tip: Connect with Roommates

If you know who your roommates will be, reach out to them before school starts. Building a relationship early can make your living situation more comfortable and help you coordinate what each person is bringing to avoid duplicates.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a successful and enriching freshman year of college. Remember, preparation is key to a smooth transition, and taking these steps can help you feel more confident and ready to embrace the exciting journey ahead. Start implementing these strategies today to make the most of your summer and set yourself up for a fantastic freshman year!


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