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Workshops, Webinars & Presentations

Student Looking at Building


  • Appropriate for students starting college this fall who want to feel prepared!

  • ​Delivered via Zoom

  • Six 90-minute sessions for students

  • One 90-minute bonus session for parents

  • Offered first week of August

  • Max 10 students per group

Delivered and taught by Marie Guarnieri, licensed speech-language pathologist and educational consultant.


  • On-going coaching for the Freshman fall semester can be arranged.

  • Weekly 60-min virtual coaching session to assist with course selection, reviewing syllabi, self-advocacy, contact with professors & learning support office, self-awareness and problem-solving, and more.

  • Weekly quick check-in, via text or phone to monitor progress and provide feedback.


Schedule a call or virtual meeting to learn more and see if this workshop can help your student to get a successful start in college.

College Transition Workshop

Empower Your Teen to Arrive on Campus Prepared


The workshop is targeted to students that are starting college this fall but are anxious about not feeling prepared for the transition. During six sessions, we give your student tools and information to make them feel more ready. Each session has a topic and the student will be given practical information, tools, and tips related to each. 

After the conclusion of the workshop, parents are invited to a session to learn about the transition process, ask questions and learn how to best support their student. 



Motivation & Looking Ahead

  • Get to know each other

  • The "big picture"

  • Expectations

  • College Lingo


Getting & Staying Organized

  • Time management

  • Unstructured vs structured time

  • Time management & productivity tools

  • Organizational systems


Social Skills & Friendships

  • Making friends in college​

  • Campus involvement

  • ​Making deeper friendships


Self Awareness & Self Advocacy

  • Exploration of strengths & needs

  • Accessing supports on campus

  • Addressing professors

  • Email etiquette


Academic & Study Skills

  • Course selection

  • Reading syllabi

  • Navigating Canvas

  • Study skills and tools


Problem Solving & Wrap-up

  • How to approach potential problems

  • Questions & concerns


For Parents

After the conclusion of the workshop, parents are invited to a session to:


Review components of student sessions

  • Discuss learning disabilities office registration and FERPA

  • Discuss how to nurture students' independence

  • Answer questions

Other workshops
& presentations

Essay writing 

  • Offered in the spring and summer to juniors and rising seniors in high school

  • Virtual workshop

College Affordability & Financial Aid 
  • Offered to parents of high school students

  • Free virtual presentation

Navigating the Common Application
  • Offered to juniors and rising seniors in high school and their parents

  • Free virtual presentation

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