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Are You College Ready?

If you are a parent, an autistic student or with another learning disability, who wants to go to college, the first step is to figure out if you are ready for this step! ​ Understanding the demands and challenges you may face in college, and identifying how to prepare and how get the support you may need, is crucial. 

What are the core skill areas needed for college success?

At the Library

People Skills

Much of college success is dependent on how you connect with others, to help you feel less lonely, get the support you need and feel like a part of a community.


Are you excited to meet and get to know new people? Are there clubs or organizations that you would be excited to explore? Do you feel comfortable communicating effectively with professors? Do you feel comfortable communicating with peers during group projects and/or in social situations?


We work on social communication skills individually or in groups.

It is also included in our College Success Packages.

Self Advocacy

Being able to speak up for yourself, know your rights and get the support you deserve is crucial for college success.


Do you know your rights as a student with a learning disability, autism or ADHD? When you run into difficulty, who do you speak to? Are you comfortable speaking with your teachers about your accommodations?

Colleagues Having Lunch


We work on self advocacy skills as part of our people skills curriculum, either individually or in groups.

It is also included in our College Success Packages.

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Executive Function

Succeeding in college requires strong executive function skills. You are expected to keep track of assignments based on a syllabus, figure out when and where to eat your meals, do your own laundry and manage your time effectively. 

Do you have a system for scheduling and managing your time? Do you frequently miss or forget assignments? Do you have a strategy for starting and completing tasks that you find overwhelming or boring? 


We work on executive function skills individually.

It is also included in our College Success Packages.

Confidence & Motivation

Knowing why you are in college and being excited about the end result is an important factor in achieving college success.

How do you feel about the prospect of going to college? Is there something you are excited to be studying? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


Our College Consulting program includes discussing your desires and visions for the future. This is an important part of finding out who you are and what school is the Right School for You! 

Student Reading Textbook

Academic Skills

Having a base of necessary academic skills sets you up for college success.


How demanding are your current high school classes? Do you have trouble keeping up with readings or with writing papers? Do you have a system for studying and learning materials? What accommodations do currently rely on at school?

Our College Consulting program includes discussing your current academic skills, what classes you are taking and what classes might be appropriate to consider. Your current accommodations and need for continued accommodations is a natural and essential part of our discussion in order to find the school and program that is right for you.  

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